R.I.P. Jay Colton

Photo © Claudio Edinger

I woke up today to the terrible news that Jay Colton, photographer, photo editor and educator, died Saturday while teaching at the International Photography Festival/Paraty em Foco, in Brazil. I have known Jay since the early 80’s, but after many years of not seeing each other, we had rekindled our friendship in the past year. Details are hard to come by, but he apparently collapsed while conducting portfolio reviews at the festival and never regained consciousness. He leaves behind his son Christopher and wife Moira and the entire New York photo community will mourn his passing.

The following was a news report from Brazil on the Paraty em Foco Festival that featured Jay…


5 thoughts on “R.I.P. Jay Colton

  1. He read my portfolio 1 hour before he collapsed. He was full of energy, so generous and kind. It was a big shock.
    I am deeply sad and sorrow for his family and friends.
    A bit of his energy will stay alive in all our work.

  2. months after the fact, have come across news of Jay’s passing…

    we met once, two years ago through a mutual friend; Jay advising on a large scale project I’d taken on. His knowledge and skills were breathtaking, as was his generosity with contacts and sources of support. So, here are more thoughts and prayers for him, his family and colleagues, and he many, many who benefited through contact with him.

  3. Wow, yesterday I happened to come across Jay’s brother Jim’s blog. So today I wondered what Jay was up to. I’m so sad to learn he died. I first met Jay in 1982 or 83. He was one of the coolest people I’ve met — he liked to share his knowledge with others and was always encouraging. We used to go out to lunch, and he knew so much about food, especially at Japanese restaurants of course. When my daughter was born he invited us to his the house he was sharing with his wife in the Hamptons. We kind of lost contact, the last time I saw him was in NYC on Ave Americas. He told me had been shooting. He enjoyed life.

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