Have A Ghouly Halloween !!!

Just in time for Halloween, my friend Laura Breen has finished a wonderful series of illustrations of a murderous little Ghoul-Girl. Probably not well-suited for a 5 year-old, but so much fun for us big kids! Here is Laura’s description of the series…

This series was born out of my love for horror films. The idea first started out as Red Riding Hood…after visiting grandma…suffers a bite from the wolf which then turns her into this feral child. Originally it consisted of only four images until a friend of mine asked me to re-visit the series for a project he was curating on fear. So it grew to the magical number of thirteen.

I call the series “Kindertrauma”.

Ahhh, childhood.
Sweet children
sweeter memories.

Happy Halloween Y’all….

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Song of the Day

‘Til The End

DOWNLOAD: ‘Til The End

I’ve been stuck in the Google Hole I fell into the other day when I was researching Remy ZeroJeffrey Cain’s previous band…but it paid off, ‘cuz I not only fell across a new Remy Zero single (and probably the last one ever since the band disbanded back in 2003), but I also I discovered that one of his bandmates has actually already been on the Song of the Day! Cedric LeMoyne (AKA: Scalpelist) is one half of O+S, whose song Permanent Scar was on The List way back in March of 2009. Hey…back in the day, you played in a band and maybe you did a solo album, but these days you need a super-computing GPS to keep track of how many different bands, side projects and underground recording projects these guys are playing with! For the past couple of weeks, Remy Zero have gotten back together to play a few live shows and record ”Til The End’ to honor the memory of their drummer, Gregory Slay, who died earlier this year. True to form, the four surviving members…Cain, LeMoyne and brothers Cinjun and Shelby Tate…all have multiple recording projects going, but you can still follow Remy Zero on their MySpace page

Song of the Day

City Sparks

DOWNLOAD: City Sparks

So this morning I check my inbox and see that Erin Maher from the indie label popantipop (The Morlocks, The Hundred Days, Spleen United) has sent me a cut from the just-released Dead Snares debut album Speak The Language. Knowing nothing of Dead Snares, I fell into a Google Hole and this is what I’ve found….

• Dead Snares is the alter ego of Jeffrey Cain, who grew up in Mobile, Alabama and was a member of Remy Zero, and some of you might remember that Remy Zero got a taste of the Big Time when they opened for Radiohead a while back and their song “Save Me” is the theme song for WB TV show Smallville.

• Speak The Language was produced by Darrell Thorpe, who also twiddles the knobs for Radiohead, Beck and OutKast.

• Cain has recently collaborated with a few top-shelf names…notably Tricky, Afrobots, O+S and the Engine Room. He’s also recording as Isadore with a big favorite of mine, Steve Kilbey from The Church.

I’ve spent the morning listening to the entire album which is streaming on the popantipop websiteyou gotta check it out! Then head on over to Jeff’s MySpace page and make friends.

Song of the Day

Static Waves

DOWNLOAD: Static Waves

As is the new trend in indie music these days, Andrew Belle got a lotta notice a few months back when his song, ‘In My Veins’, was featured in the gore-fest that was the Season 6 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, but I never really got around to checking him out until last week when I discovered that he has done this duet with Katie Herzig, who I just saw in concert and I just featured on these very pages! To say Belle has a voice that brings Coldplay’s Chris Martin to mind is easy…but it’s his phrasing and intonation that really stands out for me…and the sweet, rhythmic back and forth between the two makes this a lovely little aural interlude to end the day with…

You can check out more of Mr. Belle on his MySpace Page or over on his website

Palm Beach + July = Very, Very Hot !!!

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Back in July, Eric Godwin, the Photo Director at Bloomberg Markets magazine, asked me to head down to Palm Beach to photograph Chris Cline, a billionaire Coal Baron and head of Foresight Energy, one of the country’s largest producers of coal. As you can imagine, Palm Beach in July is just about as hot as a coal furnace, but with added humidity! Add to that our location…Cline’s 164-foot yacht, ‘Mine Games’…and we were in for a hot time in Florida!

Kaz and I got in a day early and on our scout we immediately were made aware of the quirks of trying to photograph a portrait using a prop as big as a yacht…the boat was in a rather tight slip with very little room to maneuver for good angle and the boat itself…while certainly large and luxurious…offered few spots to do the kind of shots I had in mind. But a couple of locations did jump out…

…this spot…shot from inside a hedge and through a bunch of tall grass…would let me stack up the boat behind him.

…and I thought it could be almost regal having him descending this staircase…

And I guess the Art Director was thinking the same thing when he named the story, “New King Coal”…..

One thing became very apparent as soon as the sun rose in the sky…since the entire deck was gleaming, shiny white…even slathered up with an SPF-50 sunscreen, my white ass was gonna fry like a lizard on a rock in the desert! I spent a lotta time re-greasing myself during the day and did a good job of not turning into a human lobster, but there was one place I neglected to coat…the inside of my nostrils! All that sun bouncing up and into my nose gave me the most excruciating sunburn I can remember, so for any of you who may have seen me after I got back from that trip with a finger up my nose…furiously scratching away…now you know why!

Bear Concerns…..

My mom worries about the fact that I have a lotta bears running around in my front yard, so she sent me this little reminder that it’s not really my yard…it’s theirs and I’m just using it…..

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Song of the Day (Two Times)

Wish You Well

DOWNLOAD: Wish You Well

Wish You Well (Acoustic Live In-Studio)

DOWNLOAD: Wish You Well (Acoustic Live In-Studio)

So last week I drove 135 miles to see Brandi Carlile play at Infinity Hall up in Norfolk CT, and as good as Brandi was (and she was very good!) I left the concert with a handful of CD’s from the opening act…Katie Herzig. How this singer and (Grammy nominated) songwriter has stayed off my radar is a mystery, but now that I own the entire Katie Herzig songbook, that is no longer an issue! Each song I listen to reveals some new emotion…heartache, angst, lust and joyful happiness…it all flows from her in a euphoric wave that’s giving me goosebumps. In a soft, but strong, soprano, she delivers her smart, poetic lyrics without becoming overwrought or sappy…this is lyrical storytelling done well.

The two songs today are from different albums; the first is off of her last release of new material, ‘Apple Tree’, and the second is a reimagined acoustic version from ‘Live In Studio: Acoustic Trio’, a collection of her earlier songs recorded entirely unplugged. Check out more of Katie on her website or over on MySpace and for yet one more version of ‘Wish You Well’, check out this video of her singing it with Brandi…..

Big Jet Engines

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A couple of weeks ago, Adrian DeLucca at Barron’s asked if I wanted to shoot a cover story featuring Louis Chenevert, the CEO of United Technologies…the only problem was, United Technologies didn’t want to let Louis leave the office and go play with any of the cool toys UTC makes…like the really Big Jet Engines that I knew they had sitting at the Pratt & Whitney plant right across the river from their corporate headquarters in Hartford! But after a little back-n-forth with the folks in corporate communications at the company, I convinced them that since I had shot at UTC many times in the past and I knew the offices were Death on Toast…very functional, but not exciting in the least…a location scout was in order! And after only five minutes of poking around the Testing Facility Hanger, this was what I found…..

Now all three locations would be perfect for both my cover and the opener for the story, but the problem was, we were only going to get Louis for ten minutes…tops…..and he was showing up at 8:00AM, surrounded by assistants and P/R guys whose main mission in life was to make sure I didn’t get a second longer than what was promised! That meant Kaz and I would have to set up everything the night before and for the shoot, move our subject from shot to shot quicker than we have had to do in a long time. Here’s how things looked…..

Fun At The Fair!

Yesterday I channeled my inner farmer and hit the Harwinton County Fair, complete with ox-pulls, carnival rides, corn dogs and a whole mess of chickens and horses and cows and bunnies! My iPhone (set to ‘Hipstamatic’, of course!) has recorded some choice bits for you to enjoy…

Killer Attack Rooster…

Very Friendly Horse…

Sleepy Bunny…

Tiny Donkey…

Girls Sitting With Cows…

Terrifying Rides…


Dead Guys…

…And The Best Damned Potatoes You’ve Ever Seen!!!

Now I know that still pictures hardly do justice to a good carnival ride, but if you watch this video long enough, it might generate enough vertigo to make you sick….

Do you feel like judging a few chickens?!!

Not a fan of chickens? Then how about braving the crowds to look at the prize-winning bunnies?!!

And if all that wasn’t enough fun for ya, The Flying Wallendas were even on hand cheating death for the 7,496th time!!!