Song of the Day

‘Til The End

DOWNLOAD: ‘Til The End

I’ve been stuck in the Google Hole I fell into the other day when I was researching Remy ZeroJeffrey Cain’s previous band…but it paid off, ‘cuz I not only fell across a new Remy Zero single (and probably the last one ever since the band disbanded back in 2003), but I also I discovered that one of his bandmates has actually already been on the Song of the Day! Cedric LeMoyne (AKA: Scalpelist) is one half of O+S, whose song Permanent Scar was on The List way back in March of 2009. Hey…back in the day, you played in a band and maybe you did a solo album, but these days you need a super-computing GPS to keep track of how many different bands, side projects and underground recording projects these guys are playing with! For the past couple of weeks, Remy Zero have gotten back together to play a few live shows and record ”Til The End’ to honor the memory of their drummer, Gregory Slay, who died earlier this year. True to form, the four surviving members…Cain, LeMoyne and brothers Cinjun and Shelby Tate…all have multiple recording projects going, but you can still follow Remy Zero on their MySpace page

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