Have A Ghouly Halloween !!!

Just in time for Halloween, my friend Laura Breen has finished a wonderful series of illustrations of a murderous little Ghoul-Girl. Probably not well-suited for a 5 year-old, but so much fun for us big kids! Here is Laura’s description of the series…

This series was born out of my love for horror films. The idea first started out as Red Riding Hood…after visiting grandma…suffers a bite from the wolf which then turns her into this feral child. Originally it consisted of only four images until a friend of mine asked me to re-visit the series for a project he was curating on fear. So it grew to the magical number of thirteen.

I call the series “Kindertrauma”.

Ahhh, childhood.
Sweet children
sweeter memories.

Happy Halloween Y’all….

Click on any image for Full-Size!

8 thoughts on “Have A Ghouly Halloween !!!

  1. Ohhhhh Brad, thanks for posting my stuff, not to mention all the printing for the show, you are an awesome ghoul!

  2. um, f’ing fantastic! actually really creepy and scary, and beautiful…the eighth “frame” with the veined earth, oh my.

  3. Is this by any chance the Laura Breen from Manhassett who attended the Art Institute of Atlanta? If so, I’d love to reconnect! It’s CheChe, by the way.

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