What Your Choice of Camera Says About You…

I very rarely simply re-post stuff I find on other blogs, but there’s no way around this one. The Shutterfinger blog has the most astute…and accurately funny…dissection of the kind of person who buys a particular brand of camera. For those of you more affected by Attention Defisit Disorder, the Cliff’s Notes version has Canon owners switching to Nikon, Nikon owners switching to Canon, Sony owners believe in the Easter Bunny, Pentax owners are cheap, Olympus owners have no friends and Leica owners are, of course, poseurs with Hasselblad envy! But those are just the broad strokes and I implore you all to head over to Shutterfinger for the complete read!

2 thoughts on “What Your Choice of Camera Says About You…

  1. The other man’s grass is always greener, the next lane of traffic always seems to be moving faster and despite being a committed Canonista with great camera bodies, lenses and flashes, I too lust after the latest Nikons.

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