Song of the Day

Pink Champagne

DOWNLOAD:Pink Champagne

I gotta thank Kate for todays song…Kate’s a BIG fan (!) of Lovedrug, a little outfit from her Canton, Ohio roots. She wanted to make sure I was paying attention, ‘cuz they’re in Nashville right now working out songs for an upcoming album and would just be tickled if y’all would give ‘Pink Champagne’ a listen. Then you can head over to either their website or MySpace page and make friends. And as a bonus, here’s an acoustic version of the song…

Why Would David Dorn Wanna Look Like Me?!!

I’ve known David Dorn, the SVP for Digital Strategy at Rhino Entertainment for a lotta years, but aside a few snapshots I did at his wedding, I’ve never shot him before…until this week. He had a last-minute trip to New York and an odd request…he saw the recent rather moody portrait of me and wondered if I could do the same for him! So I fired up the studio and the above portrait was the result…but the question now is, who looks creepier…Me or Dave?!!