Now THIS Is Impressive…

The other day I stumbled across what I thought was just one more way to waste serious time on the web, but instead really knocked my out…PhotoFunia Dot Com!!! It’s a site that uses an online photo editing tool that allows you to upload any photo of yours into one of a couple of hundred (and counting) stock images. Now this ain’t exactly new…I’ve seen plenty of other sites like this in the past…but what truly impressed me was the way PhotoFunia’s proprietary technology automatically identifies the face in the photo and imports it so damned well into the funny face photo montages….and it does it in seconds!

It takes about five seconds to upload the image and no more than five seconds more before you can download the finished montage to your desktop. And it’s all so well done…I’m not kidding when I say this is the kind of Photoshop work that some cases would take me hours! It’s kinda freaking me out with how this type of photo manipulation is advancing…but it’s still a lotta fun!

Check out PhotoFunia…I guarantee you’ll have a blast!

10 thoughts on “Now THIS Is Impressive…

  1. I’ve never visited the website (I will now), but I have the app installed on my Android phone, and it’s just as awesome “on the go” as you describe the website interaction! A truly amazing service!

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