R.I.P. Bud Greenspan

A million years ago…well, back in 1995…I photographed Bud Greenspan. Bud, of course, is famous for his documentaries about the Olympics. One of those touchstone memories I have from my childhood is being glued to the TV, watching them whenever they were aired. How could I ever have imagined that years later I would have the privilege to photograph the man behind these wonderful time capsules of history, but there I was, shooting him for the 1996 Olympic Program! We did the shots the art director wanted and then, just before he had to leave, I asked for one more moment of his time. If you knew anything about Bud, you probably remember seeing him behind a camera on the sidelines of an Olympic event, with those heavy glasses he wore sitting on the top of his bald head…that’s what I wanted to capture. A few quick Polaroids and we got it. A partially solarized negative with the director staring back at me…almost looking right through me…it’s always been one of my favorite portraits.


5 thoughts on “R.I.P. Bud Greenspan

  1. Love the pos-neg 2/14 image. Tinted and a bit solarized naturally I bet. This stuff had a natural tendency to do that if not treated right way. Love it Brad!

  2. I can’t believe how wise and insightful you’ve grown…..It’d be terribly upsetting if it weren’t so utterly delightful…And by the way, your way with words almost matches your photographic panache …

    Thanks, kid…I studied at the feet of some really talented writers in my early days! BT

  3. Great Shot…always get them while you can….Great when you know what you want and you get it…

  4. I remember being a 15 year old kid in the 70s watching his documentaries on the Olympics on PBS. His passion will be missed.

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