How Much Does Snow Weigh?!!

I don’t know how you spent your Saturday, but this was my day.

The Northern Command Headquarters of Damn Ugly Photography has gotten somewhere North of 80 inches of snow in the past month, so I figured it was time to get some of that heavy stuff off of the roof.

As to my question…how much does snow weigh?

A lot !!!

Abby Joseph Cohen for The Sunday Times Magazine

For those of you who like to get an early jump on the news, here’s a portrait I did of Abby Joseph Cohen…the Senior U.S. investment strategist at Goldman Sachs…that’s running in this weekends NYTimes Sunday Magazine. And no, I’m not jumping the gun even though it’s only Friday, since they’ve already got the story up on their website!

Have a great weekend!

Me & Kaz Are BFD’s…!!!

Just checked the mail…a big, fat envelope filled with copies of this month’s Resource Magazine took up the entire mailbox and yours truly and my Number One Son, Kaz Sakuma, are featured prominently in a photo essay on photographers and their assistants!

Thanks to Alex & Aurelie at Resource…but I dunno if my ego can stand it!!!

Camille approves…..

Song of the Day



I kinda started loving this song as soon as the opening watery, retro lead guitar fuzzed it’s way into my heart, and then Cullen Omori’s psychedelic Emo vocal slipped into my ears and visions of Gary Glitter, Marc Bolan and T. Rex, 70’s glam, velour bell-bottoms and tie-dye washed over me and all that was missing was a bong and a black light! Smith Westerns are from Chicago and all of the members in the band (Cullen’s brother Cameron on bass, Max Kakacek on that groovy lead guitar and Colby Hewitt on drums) are between the ages of 18-20…so I guess the whole 70’s-Retro thing is all new to them, right?!! No matter…every generation needs a bit of Glam Rock for fun and these guys seem to have it down. ‘Weekend’ is from Dye It Blonde, which dropped last week, and you can head over to MySpace for more news about the band.

Smith Westerns ‘Weekend’ from Spunk Records on Vimeo.

Must-See TV Of The Day: Piers Morgan Tonight

I want to start off by saying how glad I am that CNN finally got rid of that ridiculously self-important dinosaur Larry King and how much I’ve been enjoying the new Piers Morgan Tonight show! After watching the first four nights, it’s bloody refreshing to see an interviewer who doesn’t (overtly) pander to his guests and actually seems to give a shit about finding out something more than the typical publicist-driven crap you read in the tabloids without putting me to sleep. Hey, I love Charlie Rose as much as the next guy, but at times the high-handed tone and mental high-fives he trades with his guests can make you feel like you’re sitting through a Doctoral Seminar given in a language you don’t understand!

His first night with Oprah certainly got the most headlines, but his sit-downs with Howard Stern and Condi Rice were great and last night’s casual back-n-forth over a beer with Ricky Gervais was brilliant! And near the end of the interview, Piers asked a question that resonated with me as well…

Piers Morgan: Do you get to enjoy the fruits of your hard work?
Ricky Gervais: No…I enjoy the hard work! I wake up and it’s a privilege that I can have an idea…nothing gives me an adrenaline rush like an idea.

I have always felt the same way about what I do for a living. The idea that I can make a living at taking photographs of interesting people is mind-boggling, but the added benefit of actually loving what I do is a cherry on top.

Piers Morgan Tonight is on CNN nightly at 9:00PM and you can also follow his pithy thoughts on Twitter

Song of the Day



Yes…I know…we’re 21 days into the new year and this is the first new SOTD I’ve dropped on The List. It’s been so long I’m actually forgetting HTML codes! Sucks for you guys, but work has kinda gotten in the way of me pumpin’ out new tunes for your iPods! But never fear…I’ma gonna try to get back on the horse on a more regular basis, starting today…

Say HiEric Elbogen to his friends…is dropping a new album, Um, Uh-Oh, on January 25th and you just know I’ll be first in line for a copy. Say Hi is right up at the top of my list of bands nobody has ever heard of, but I’ve been doing my best to change that. I’ve featured him on The List twice before (HERE and HERE), ‘November Was White, December Was Grey’ made it on the 2009 Songs of the Year and know that a number of your have shown the love and picked up some of his dark and spooky one-man-band recordings. And he’s even gotten a bit of mainstream play when Cadillac, of all things, used his song, “One, Two…One” in a CTS commercial a few months back! So let’s not let him down…head on over to The Official Say Hi Website and ‘Say Hi’…and make sure to check out the FAQ Section

And for you car geeks, here’s the short version of that Cadillac ad…

Inspiring & Undeniably Good…

…Well, thank you very much!!!

Damn Ugly was featured this week on both and and I must say, while I’m extremely flattered by the opinions others have of me, all of this attention is gonna force me to get up off the couch and do something to prove them right!

Jenan Mujkic runs and he stumbled across my work late last year. One of the things he does is an ‘interview-via-email’ that usually asks a single, open-ended question. For me, he actually had two questions and you can read the interview here:

How to be undeniably good. How to be like Brad.

CultureDrop is a online magazine documenting the latest in culture, technology design and fashion, and their feature on me is here:

Inspiring People: Brad Trent

2010 Songs of the Year

Top Ten Songs From 2010

We humans just love lists! Even the least-OCD person you know secretly appreciates the order and clarity of nice, neat End-of-the-Year Top-Ten List. Lists make it easier for our little human brains to organize all the garbage that gets thrown at us every day. Unfortunately, a lot of the lists that you’ve seen in the past few weeks in newspapers, magazines, on TV and online are mostly full of shit! We live in a World where Cee Lo Green singing, ‘Fuck You!” (New York Times ‘Best Song’ of the Year) and an even more self-indulgent-than-normal Kanye West hollering, “Let’s have a toast for the Douchebags” (“Runaway” – New York Post ‘Top Song of 2010’), is lauded as High Art. Call me an old fart if you want, but I hear this stuff and can’t help but think that even some of the worst songs I’ve put on The List in the past year are better written and performed!

With that little rant outta the way, I’ve culled through everything I tossed out over the past 12 months, tried to keep it real by touchin’ on all the food groups, and finally come up with a pretty good mix of indie, guitar-strummin’, singer/songwriter, power-poppy, electronica and alt-rock goodness. And I gotta say, it was bloody hard this year to keep it to only ten choices! Each year, it always amazes me at the sheer quality of the music I stumble upon that quite frankly, most people will never even hear! Cee Lo may get 50 million YouTube views and Kanye is washing the road grime off of his Lamborghini with Cristal, but I’m still gonna champion these performers because they’re turning out music I can actually listen to!

So even though this will undoubtedly be looked upon by some as yet another full-of-shit Top Ten list…I give you…..

The Damn Ugly Photography Top Ten Songs From 2010!!!

Love Is A Breakable Thing

DOWNLOAD: Love Is A Breakable Thing

Original Post: November 16

Very good friends of The List, Johanna & the Dusty Floor, dropped The Forest EP back in November and it only makes me want to hear her new album even more. Keep your eyes on her MySpace and Facebook pages for the release date!

9. INU
The Bailing

DOWNLOAD: The Bailing

Original Post: February 15

The theatrical, Joy Division-like fuzzy vibe these guys have working must have been catchy, ‘cuz a lotta you wrote thankful notes to me back in February and said you coughed up a few bucks to buy the EP. You can follow INU over at Inu Music.

Bad Day


Original Post: May 18

It was indeed a very bad day when Audrye Sessions announced a few months back that they were packing it in…we were crying like babies here at The List…but back in May when Ryan sent me this song we were amped by the frenzy of fun ‘Bad Day’ laid down and so looking forward to more from would end up being the final ‘sessions’. But Ryan assures me his new EP will be out this month and you all know I’ll have a taste when it becomes available!

When I’m Small

DOWNLOAD: When I’m Small

Original Post: January 18

I loved Portishead, so it was natural I was gonna love Phantogram. The sad, drowsy guitars, the scratchy backtrack and even Sarah Barthel’s voice that’s a dead ringer for Beth Gibbons…’When I’m Small’ had me swaying side-to-side back in January. Check out Phantogram over on MySpace

Static Waves

DOWNLOAD: Static Waves

Original Post: October 19

I first found out about Andrew Belle after seeing Katie Herzig (#3 on the list this year) in concert and ‘Static Waves’, the duo they did together, showed up on The List in October. You can follow Andrew Belle on his MySpace Page or over on his website

All I Want


Original Post: June 21

It’s sad, it’s sexy and it’s simply beautiful. I can’t say it any better than I did when I originally posted it back in June, but do yourself a favor and check out Sarah on her MySpace Page

Changing Your Mind

DOWNLOAD: Changing Your Mind

Original Post: February 25

The first time I heard ‘Changing Your Mind’, it gave me an ache in the back of my throat…the kind of heartfelt ache that convinced me even back then that it was bound for the end of the year list. You can’t fake this kind of soulful singing. Check out Bob Schneider on his MySpace page.

Wish You Well

DOWNLOAD: Wish You Well

Original Post : October 6

I never knew when I went to see Brandi Carlile I’d come away with a bunch of CD’s from Katie Herzig, but that’s why we go to see live music, right? You never know who’s gonna pop up and grab you! Katie is a special talent and you can follow her on her website or over on MySpace

I L U (Phantogram Remix)

DOWNLOAD: I L U (Phantogram Remix)

Original Post: September 13

There was far less electronica on The List this year, but my love of dream-pop and the fact that this song stayed at the very top of my iTunes folder all year ensured it a spot near the top of this years list. And I could listen to Alejandra and Claudia Deheza trade off harmonies all day and night! Get more SVIIB on MySpace or on their Website

I Love You More

DOWNLOAD: I Love You More

Original Post: November 9

Over the past few months, Nadia has become BFF’s with The List…we even shot her new album cover package…so ya can’t be too surprised to find her sitting on top of this years heap, and nobody deserves it more! She’s such an amazingly gifted songwriter and that strong, expressive voice can melt even the hardest heart. Her second album, The Ocean Master, is due to be released this Spring…in fact, she and Harvey are in Wales mixing the record it as I type this…so please, head on over to her facebook page for more information.