Must-See TV Of The Day: Piers Morgan Tonight

I want to start off by saying how glad I am that CNN finally got rid of that ridiculously self-important dinosaur Larry King and how much I’ve been enjoying the new Piers Morgan Tonight show! After watching the first four nights, it’s bloody refreshing to see an interviewer who doesn’t (overtly) pander to his guests and actually seems to give a shit about finding out something more than the typical publicist-driven crap you read in the tabloids without putting me to sleep. Hey, I love Charlie Rose as much as the next guy, but at times the high-handed tone and mental high-fives he trades with his guests can make you feel like you’re sitting through a Doctoral Seminar given in a language you don’t understand!

His first night with Oprah certainly got the most headlines, but his sit-downs with Howard Stern and Condi Rice were great and last night’s casual back-n-forth over a beer with Ricky Gervais was brilliant! And near the end of the interview, Piers asked a question that resonated with me as well…

Piers Morgan: Do you get to enjoy the fruits of your hard work?
Ricky Gervais: No…I enjoy the hard work! I wake up and it’s a privilege that I can have an idea…nothing gives me an adrenaline rush like an idea.

I have always felt the same way about what I do for a living. The idea that I can make a living at taking photographs of interesting people is mind-boggling, but the added benefit of actually loving what I do is a cherry on top.

Piers Morgan Tonight is on CNN nightly at 9:00PM and you can also follow his pithy thoughts on Twitter

3 thoughts on “Must-See TV Of The Day: Piers Morgan Tonight

  1. been meaning to watch it … will set the DVR! Can’t wait for An Idiot Abroad, starts tomorrow

  2. Piers Morgan is a breath of fresh air. He is not only a very intelligent man, he is also entertaining – and good to look at! I have seen all of his shows so far and I’m hooked. As you know, I’m not a Howard Stern fan, but I think Piers got as good as it gets out of Howard in the interview.

  3. I feel the same way, about Charlie Rose. Important show, but not a whole hell of a lot of fun all the time. Piers has had a good week, and hopefully he can keep it up.

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