Song of the Day



I kinda started loving this song as soon as the opening watery, retro lead guitar fuzzed it’s way into my heart, and then Cullen Omori’s psychedelic Emo vocal slipped into my ears and visions of Gary Glitter, Marc Bolan and T. Rex, 70’s glam, velour bell-bottoms and tie-dye washed over me and all that was missing was a bong and a black light! Smith Westerns are from Chicago and all of the members in the band (Cullen’s brother Cameron on bass, Max Kakacek on that groovy lead guitar and Colby Hewitt on drums) are between the ages of 18-20…so I guess the whole 70’s-Retro thing is all new to them, right?!! No matter…every generation needs a bit of Glam Rock for fun and these guys seem to have it down. ‘Weekend’ is from Dye It Blonde, which dropped last week, and you can head over to MySpace for more news about the band.

Smith Westerns ‘Weekend’ from Spunk Records on Vimeo.

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