Me & Kaz Are BFD’s…!!!

Just checked the mail…a big, fat envelope filled with copies of this month’s Resource Magazine took up the entire mailbox and yours truly and my Number One Son, Kaz Sakuma, are featured prominently in a photo essay on photographers and their assistants!

Thanks to Alex & Aurelie at Resource…but I dunno if my ego can stand it!!!

Camille approves…..


11 thoughts on “Me & Kaz Are BFD’s…!!!

  1. Congratulations, Brad! You are very deserving of the recognition. (Sweet Camille and I both approve!) I’d love to see the article.

  2. Oooh. whew! gotta put my hands on my knees. oooh. can’t. catch. my breath. whew! i’m feeling dizzy…

  3. I forgot…It might be time to change the self portrait, hmmmmmmm

    Ummmm…not gonna happen…sorry!!! BT

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