PopPhoto Gets Damn Ugly

I was recently interviewed by Popular Photography contributor Laurence Chen for the February issue’s ‘HOW * Creative Thinking’ section. The article featured a little behind-the-scenes look at my portrait of Howard Sontag. Big thanks Laurence and PopPhoto, and you can check out the article HERE

Song of the Day

Waifs & Strays

DOWNLOAD: Waifs & Strays

There a was a period a couple of years back where it seemed like everything I was listening to was from obscure Swedish shoegaze/dreampop bands…but I simply upped my dose of Lexapro and moved on to more happy tunes that didn’t make me wanna jump of the nearest tall building. Then just this morning I stumbled over ‘Waifs & Strays’, off of Silesia, the new album from the Swedish quartet Jeniferever, and all those dark thoughts are coming back to me. The deeply layered sound, with it’s orchestral richness and syncopated percussive flourishes, lifts singer Kristofer Jönson’s slacker vocal and achieves a beautifully overwrought grandiosity…all in about five minutes. And it’s got me thinking I might hafta spend more time back on the Swedish music blogs…

Silesia comes out April 11th, but you can follow Jeniferever on the Monotreme Records website