Song of the Day

Hit Me Where It Hurts

DOWNLOAD: Hit Me Where It Hurts

Yeah, yeah…like I need you guys telling me I basically blew off February by hardly posting anything, but hey…on occasion I gotta work and Damn Ugly don’t exactly pay the bills! Alright…I’m gonna get back at it with a wonderful undiscovered song from late-’60s by The Rolling Stones!!! Of course, I’m just pullin’ your leg, ‘cuz The Booze are actually five kids from Atlanta, but come on…if lead singer Chaz Tolliver wasn’t hit with a Mick Jagger stick, I’ll eat a bug! And when you blend in the stripped-down, retro production on ‘Hit Me Where It Hurts’, you’ve got a song that feels like it was delivered in the Time Machine from the Summer of Love! You just gotta head over to their website or make friends on MySpace and follow these guys!

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