Don’t Be Lazy…

Now, if you know me at all, you know that I’m hardly afraid of Photoshop and all the creative opportunities it can offer, but I’m also an old-timer who grew up in the bricks-and-mortar World of film photography, so this morsel of wisdom from Albert Watson to young photographers struck a chord with me…


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Lazy…

  1. Perhaps he had more to say, but this clip is rather generic. I would have preferred some concrete examples of people misusing Photoshop to correct errors that should have been addressed in the original photography.

  2. I think he means don’t use photoshop to clean up a set, product, make-up on a model, when it can quickly be done at the time of the shoot. If you get it right in camera it gives you more time to work your creative magic in photoshop. I’ve shot products that have been a real mess, pre-production examples that have been through a dozen hands before I get to shoot them, cleaning finger prints, marks, etc off them still leaves scratches and sometimes dents that have to be worked on in PS, it’s a pain, time consuming and half the time the client moans about the cost of it. At least back in the days of film you could do your best then leave the transparencies with a skilled retoucher to fix any problems.

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