OK…Since Nobody Else Is Asking…

I find it awfully strange that the photo community…not usually known for keeping their innermost thoughts to themselves…is so tight-lipped about the recent job-swap at New York MagazineJennifer Miller is out and Jody Quon is back as Director of Photography. About a month ago I noticed Miller’s name was not up at the top of the masthead…then the editorial masthead disappeared completely in the past few weeks…and now the current issue has Jody Quon, fresh from her recent gig as Creative Director at W Magazine, listed once again as Photography Director.

And the Photo World hasn’t noticed…..?!!


3 thoughts on “OK…Since Nobody Else Is Asking…

  1. Lets be serious, the people in the “real” photography world, don’t really spend too much time bitching or complaining or making fake Twitter Accounts to bitch and complain to stop and comment or point this out…

    People in the “real” photography world, are hopefully, making photographs and are too busy to try to sell me a workshop or business class or any other type of thing related to photography other than actually makeing photograph’s….

    I can hope anyways… 🙂

  2. I noticed the same thing
    and was questioning why i wasn’t seeing this being noted in mediobistro’s revolving door emails.

    very interesting

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