Help Nick Get To Afghanistan

My ex-assistant and good friend Nick Cardillicchio will soon be heading off to Afghanistan to shoot a portrait essay on the men and women in the Marines who are deployed in that country. He came up with the idea to coincide with ten-year anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks and pitched it to the US Marine Corp, but he hadn’t expected them to get back to him so quickly…and now he’s faced with having to fund the entire project himself or lose his opportunity. He has set up an IndieGoGo campaign funding account where anyone can donate any amount to help him reach his goal. Besides his photography and travel expenses, the USMC requires that he purchase his own safety equipment including bullet proof vest, helmet, flak jacket and eye and ear protection. Kevlar underpants are expensive folks….so please head on over to United States Marines At Work and see if you can show Nick some love?!! I know he would appreciate anything you could toss his way.