12 thoughts on “Matter & Anti-Matter

  1. Walden definitely moisturises, probably gets someone else to give him a damned good shave too, though there is something akin to embalming about his skin! Did you ever see the skin of the ice mummies?

  2. The cool thing is, I didn’t see that it was the Russian version of Esquire while in RSS. Cool shot, arguable and it really rocks.

  3. I would like to know more about the lighting setup. I am guessing an open reflector slightly above and to the right and flags at both sides to give it more dimensional look.

  4. I guess none of you are Dan Winters fans. He shot the photo of Walken in the actual cover if I’m not mistaken. “Mater & Antimater” as in one cover is real and one’s a spoof I guess.

    Ding-Ding-Ding…we have a winner! Yeah….it does seem like a lot of people think I shot both of those photos, but Mr. Winters is responsible for Mr. Walken. Another version of his Esquire cover can be seen here…

    Christopher Walken by Dan Winters


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