It’s Summer…Let’s Go Fishing!!!

A few weeks ago, Adrian asked if I wanted to head up the Turnpike to shoot a couple of fund managers…Ed Nicklin and Andy Knuth of the Westport Select Funds…for the Barron’s Mutual Fund Report. We were both hoping to get anything other than the usual office environment portraits and since the Westport offices were kinda on my way up to Damn Ugly’s weekend command center, I swung by to take a look around and right behind their building I found this…

It’s funny how one simple prop can get your juices flowing on a shoot, but as soon as I saw the plastic Adirondack chairs and the river location I knew we had something to play with. And I’m not usually one who tries to cram a metaphor down the reader’s throat, but when we found out that Andy and Ed kept fishing poles in the office and that they were known to ‘fish for good deals’ in the market, I couldn’t turn up the chance to turn these fund managers into sport fishermen!

Once that was done, Kaz and I set up a nice, relaxing scene next to a waterfront shed where the boys could kick back and enjoy the sunny day…..

…which gave Barron’s the perfect opener for the section…..


6 thoughts on “It’s Summer…Let’s Go Fishing!!!

  1. Looks like fun! Your photos are always interesting & unusual because you don’t just park the execs in suits behind a desk! ; )

  2. Hey, very nice sport!
    Did you color the sky & sea blue in post or did you worked with another white-balance and gels?

    Nah…the heightened blue is mostly because the two guys are overlit by almost a full stop from the strobe…the sky and water will naturally get a deeper shade of blue when that happens. BT

  3. nice job again. don’t know if u used the grided standard zoom in this shot but, what sort of grid do you use ? 5° 10° or 20° ?

    If you’re talking about the shot in front of the shed, I used an 8″ Fresnel Spot…..BT

  4. Love your Out-of-the-Office thinking. I also enjoyed the swan in the shot of you and Kaz in front of the water shed. To bad it didn’t stick around for Ed and Andy. 🙂


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