Song of the Day

You Make The Sun Fry

DOWNLOAD: You Make The Sun Fry

Normally, when you start comparing a singer to anyone who came before him you’ll typically get shot a look of disgust and a response along the lines of, “Hey Dude, I just want to be judged on my own merits!”, but Bay-area based, neo-psych, garage-grunge, fuzzy-guitar-playin’ Ty Segall so embraces the obvious similarities to Marc Bolan that he actually released an EP of classic T. Rex covers called Ty-Rex a few months back! And now he’s out with a full-length album, Goodbye Bread, where alongside the obvious Bolan touches, he’s mixed in a little bit of John Lennon vocalizing and some dirty Neil Young & Crazy Horse garage guitar licks. Goodbye Bread is his first album with Drag City and you can pick it up on iTunes. And then check out what he’s up to over on his website.

Photoshop Fail of the Day

Checking my Twitter feed this morning, I see that the eagle-eyed folks over at Design Informer (@designinformer) have spotted a pretty good Photoshop fail on Apple’s website…..

Still not seeing it? OK…that big red arrow is pointing to the reflection which clearly shows ‘i5’ and not the ‘i7’ of the Intel chip….rookie mistake!