Behold the Power of Blogging!!!

All you regular readers of Damn Ugly will certainly recall how just last week I called out Apple on the little Photoshop mistake they let pass on the Apple Store website……well…surprise, surprise…I’m sure that because of the millions of hits my little blog post generated on their site, they must have figured out that even in tiny thumbnail photo-illustrations, reflections matter and…..they fixed it!!!

Who sez ya can’t fight City Hall??? Maybe I should take up a sword and fight Bloomberg and those bloody bike lanes next?!!

Short Film of the Day

Bullet Train

DOWNLOAD: Bullet Train

The temporarily Nashville-based Kate Tucker and her favorite video director, Miriam Bennett, have just released a short film based on one-time Song of the Day, ‘Bullet Train’, off the White Horses album. The film features Kate and Cleveland actor Darryl Dickenson and was shot over the course of a year in Akron, Ohio. If you look closely, you’ll also see members of the Akron pop group, Dolson, chewing up the scenery. You can follow Kate…and maybe find out where she’ll be living next…over on her website. And if ya happen to be in Nashville next week (August 8th), Kate will be playing with Johanna and the Dusty Floor and Bird Call as they make their way across America on tour…I predict a very cool show!