Behold the Power of Blogging!!!

All you regular readers of Damn Ugly will certainly recall how just last week I called out Apple on the little Photoshop mistake they let pass on the Apple Store website……well…surprise, surprise…I’m sure that because of the millions of hits my little blog post generated on their site, they must have figured out that even in tiny thumbnail photo-illustrations, reflections matter and…..they fixed it!!!

Who sez ya can’t fight City Hall??? Maybe I should take up a sword and fight Bloomberg and those bloody bike lanes next?!!

4 thoughts on “Behold the Power of Blogging!!!

  1. Your chance of snapping Steve Jobs has flown out the window though…
    Is that Charlton Heston? Never knew he was in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.. By the power of grey scull!

    Ha! The chances of ANYBODY getting a shot of Jobs these days are slim and none and that clock is running down fast…! BT

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