Sometimes You Just Gotta Have Fun…

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Scott Milleisen is not only the head of the sports banking group at J.P. Morgan Chase, he’s also a Managing Director at the bank, so getting him to do anything outta his comfort zone for a photograph wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done lately, especially with somebody from J.P. Morgan Corporate Communications over my shoulder the whole time. But even though were were led up to the top floor of the J.P. Morgan World Headquarters on Park Avenue…

…the floor with more modern art on it’s walls than you’ll find at MOMA, but not one that exactly screams ‘SPORTS’ at you…I still wanted to tie in the sports angle to his business. And given that he regularly puts together gazzilion dollar deals funding sports teams, the idea of shooting him in front of the twin Warhol Marilyns (Steve Cohen picked up one Marilyn from Larry Gagosian for $80 million a while back!) just seemed right. All that was left to do was hand him a baseball bat and get him to take a few cuts at the ball I hung from a boom stand.

Next we went around the corner and did a simpler shot of him hamming it up with a football against a brushed steel wall…

…and of course he had to strike the Heisman pose!

Photo Editor Sarah Morse sent me on this one for Institutional Investor and it’s on the stands now.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Gotta Have Fun…

  1. @BradTrent you just kill it EVERY TIME. I deal with these people all the time and you nail it getting them out of their comfort zone!

  2. Great photos, Brad. Scott Milleisen with the Warhol Marilyns is perfect and he probably enjoyed having some fun doing that shoot!

  3. Awesome pictures! Always appreciate the behind the scene setup pics too. btw, was he photoshopped into that first pic with the two paintings?

    Photoshopped?!! HELL NO!!! He was swinging for the seats, but I will admit to adding some speed blur to that ball…..BT

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