It’s My Birfday…

Other birthdays of note today:
Hilary Duff (24)

Bam Margera (32)

Young Jeezy (34)
Dita Von Teese (39)

Carré Otis (43)

Naomi Watts (43)

Mira Sorvino (44)

Moon Unit Zappa (44)

Janeane Garofolo (47)

John Sayles (61)

Brigitte Bardot (77)

19 thoughts on “It’s My Birfday…

  1. Do a little dance, make a little noise, get down tonight! I like the dancing Brad’s

    Happy birfday… It looks from the photo that it’s all been a bit to much for you. Nice bow by the way…

  2. Happy Birthday, Brad!

    You left a few notables off your birthday list: Confucius, Ed Sullivan, Al Capp, Adolf Hitler’s grandfather, and Thomas Crapper!

  3. Happy birthday Brad! It looks like the party has been going on for some time. Continue to have fun and hopefully I’ll see you in Oct.
    Cheers, Theresa

  4. Yes, I agree with Rob-hopefully there’ll be another visit to NY & we’ll see this dance in person! 🙂 Hope you’re having a peachy birfday!

  5. Happy Birthday My Special Boy! You are the bestest & handsomest! Keep smiling and enjoy every minute!
    Love you, Your Mama

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