Your 5 Minutes with the CEO of Bayer begins…NOW!!!

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Here’s another from my ongoing series of CEO Spotlights from Barron’s…this time featuring Dr. Marijn Dekkers, the new CEO of Bayer AG. He was up at the Barron’s offices to be interviewed and I was told that because of his tight schedule, I would have precious little time with him for the portrait session. So we set up in the tiny video studio the magazine has tucked away down a back hallway and waited. Precisely on time, Dr. Dekkers and his publicist arrived and yes, they were already looking at their watches. Still, the five minutes was more than enough time to get off a couple of looks…without getting a headache!

5 thoughts on “Your 5 Minutes with the CEO of Bayer begins…NOW!!!

  1. I am listening to Susan Blasko on my Pandora stream at my day job and I wanted to take a minute to thank you for sharing your photography and also posting TSOD. I really appreciate both. If you ever find yourself in PDX, I’ll buy you a beer.


  2. Just out of curiosity, how much setup and test time did you have before the “Head Honcho” came in for his portrait?

    We didn’t need much time….no more than half an hour. I mean, it was just a white set, and we’ve done that about 1 million times! BT

  3. I noticed you use the color checker a lot. is it one of your must haves?

    Honestly, no! Any grey card would be fine 95% of the time, but the full color card is nice to have to see how my post work affects the full range of colors. I really do almost all of my grey balancing by eye when I get back to the studio and I’m working on a retouching monitor. ‘Real color’…the kinda thing you get when you balance off of that grey patch…doesn’t hold any interest in me most of the time. I’m probably not gonna get any catalog work because of that! BT

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