Last-Minute Xmas Gift Suggestion & the Song of the Day

Have You Ever

DOWNLOAD: Have You Ever

I know it’s only been a month since I told you guys about Gabrielle Aimée, but since then her self-titled debut album has been released and if you’re looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer, I can’t think of a better way to spend eight bucks! That’s right…it’s on Amazon as an mp3 download for only eight bucks (or $9.99 if you wanna get it from iTunes) and there is even an option that allows you to send the album directly to that special someone as a gift. The eleven tracks are so smart, so sexy, so tight and just so damn much fun, they had me movin’ my ass from the minute I put the record on. BUY THIS ALBUM !!! Then head over to her facebook Band Page and show Gibbles some love by clickin’ the ‘LIKE’ button.

4 thoughts on “Last-Minute Xmas Gift Suggestion & the Song of the Day

  1. Great images of Gabrielle, and it is a great album. But tell me why iTunes shows it as releasing in 1996? Hopefully someone on her end of things has caught this error for her debut work.

  2. I hear hints of Petula Clark – loved the song and voice timbre. I was trying to match some of the sounds using a Digital Audio Workstation. I’ll use it to subvert some Rap music and mess around , getting creative. I can’t sing but I try. Enjoyed the song muchly.

  3. great photos! After a listen to the previews, I tried to buy Gabrielle’s album from Amazon but us un-Americans in New Zealand just can’t.

    Too many mouths to feed in-between, perhaps.

  4. Thanks for recommending this one Brad. Great Album, just bought on iTunes (easier for me). LOVE it but can’t click the ‘LIKE’ button because am not on fb…but love it even though.

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