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Better Off

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OK…so yesterday a lotta you pointed out to me that the recent stream of sad-as-Hell folky songs that have taken up residency here on The List might be just the thing to convince some of the more manic/depressive types who hang out here to open a vein…God only knows I can’t be burdened with that responsibility…and then this morning Andrew Usenik, my much younger rockstar cousin from the Great White North, emails to remind me that his band Ten Second Epic will be playing Webster Hall this week! That gives me the perfect opportunity to kick out the title song from their latest album, Better Off. No sad-bastard vibe here, just three and a half minutes of guitar-driven, rhythmic rock-n-roll that should get you off the ledge and back in business. So if you’re in the mood from some old-skool R&R, hit The Studio at Webster Hall Thursday night tell Andrew I told you to show up. Oh yeah…check out the video for ‘Young Classics’…also off of Better Off… for an even harder & rockier look at these guys…