Paula Lerner

Paula Lerner died Monday. While I knew that she had been fighting cancer for a long time, the news still cut to my core. Paula was truly one of most genuinely special people you could hope to meet. I first got to know her during the early beginnings of the Editorial Photographers trade association. As its first Vice President, I got to see first-hand what a tenacious fighter she could be. Since she was based out of Boston, for the most part, ours was an email and phone friendship, but every year she would be there for the post-Photo Expo dinner that Michael Grecco and I host, and I can still feel the warm, strong hug she would wrap around me on her arrival…and the even bigger embrace when she said her goodbyes.

To her husband Thomas, and her daughters, Maia and Eliana…I am so sorry for your loss.

Goodbye Sweet Paula. We loved you dearly…


6 thoughts on “Paula Lerner

  1. She looks like a great lady. So sad for her family. I am sorry you lost your friend.

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