8 thoughts on “This Now Costs $578,500.00

  1. “UN-Feaking believable!”
    I’m gonna stay up all night now and scan all of the grab shots & mediocre images that I thought were crap and not worth ever showing the light of day; and then print them up real big. The I’ll hire a PR person to market me as a ‘Fine Art’ photographer.

  2. It just goes to show, in the future snapshots of our lives could be valuable to someone. I’ll trawl my collection of anonymous glass plates now;-)

  3. Oh it’s the prints that are worth that much… Right, so it’s not Lance Armstrong’s first bike.

    Question? So when will Andreas Gursky start shooting his kids bike series?

  4. After what I paid at the gas pump this morning, I don’t find that price too exorbitant.

  5. Unbelievable! Got to drag the kids bikes out tonight at dusk and will shot 2 in the same frame for the same price. What a discount!

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