WTF is Wrong with Hasselblad?!!

Hot on the heels of last week’s announcement that Leica plans to market a camera directly at Hedge Fund Managers…the All-White, $32,000 M9-P…the guys at Hasselblad must have figured that the market for ridiculously overpriced (and stupid) cameras is probably gaining traction again, cuz in my email box this morning was an announcement heralding a new “dedicated online site for the H4D Ferrari Limited Edition”, where prospective idiots buyers can, “…put themselves behind the wheel and to have a virtual test drive of a model that will only ever be owned by 499 photographers worldwide…”

What. The. Fuck.

OK…..I’m figuring that since this tarted-up whore of an HD4-40 was announced back in 2010, the branding geniuses who hatched this debacle are probably still up to their necks in the majority of the 499 HD4’s they ruined by slapping some glossy red paint and a Prancing Horse Logo onto the thing, but now they’re thinking, if Leica can sell a $9000.00 camera for $32 Grand, then we sure as Hell can charge $10 Grand for a Pimp-My-Ride-Style paint job on a $20,000 camera! So they put up a couple of new pages on their website, send out some emails to ‘re-introduce’ us all to this truly special bit of fluff, and hope for the best…’cuz if they don’t sell all 499 of these white red elephants (499 x $30K = $15 million) then it’s their ass!!!

Now, to be fair, the H4D Ferrari Limited Edition does come in an exclusive hand-made, carbon-fibery looking, glass topped case…surely to mimic same feeling you get when gazing upon the 562 Horses beneath the glass engine cover on your Ferrari 458 Italia…and Dr. Larry Hansen, the Chairman and CEO of Hasselblad, even slips in a hand-signed personal ‘Welcome Letter’, and that undoubtedly will make you feel extra-special important…

But I have to wonder…will the H4D Ferrari Limited Edition share any of the other traits and foibles Ferrari owners have a love/hate relationship with?!! Like the constant and expensive need of regular tune-ups, and will parts for the Limited Edition be equally overpriced, befitting a camera of such vaulted status??? Or, like the Ferrari which will only run on the finest hi-test fuel money can buy, will this Limited Edition H4D only take photos of ‘special’ subjects?!! You wanna shoot Supermodels and Arab Sheiks, okie-dokie, but try to use the thing for a day of High School Senior photos and it’ll seize up like you put sugar in its tank!!!

But maybe I’m wrong…maybe just knowing you own something only 498 other morons cloud-dwellers will possess will push your photography to previously unknown heights of excellence! I dunno…but one thing is for sure…I really would like that fancy velvet marble bag to keep my camera in…

21 thoughts on “WTF is Wrong with Hasselblad?!!

  1. WTF a well off Paneristi will say walking in the next watch collector GTG, “What the …k?” people will respond as they notice the Red Hassie limited edition H4 dangling from his neck – resting on his belly …. “No no no no” He’ll say, “I meant Where’s the food!”

  2. Crazy, just crazy.

    I’m quite happy with my new-to-me Leica M6-TTL.

    Yes, I know it shoots only film.

    Ha! The guy who make super-spendy (But Oh-So Sweet!) custom bikes calls THIS crazy!!! BT

  3. This was a great article – love your honest writing style! I wonder if the percentage increase in cost in this camera results in a matching increase in the photographers ability to shoot photos? Ha ha ha.

  4. If it keeps everyone in business. I am all for it.
    Except that it is the camera equivalent of those hideous puffy leather sofas bachelors prefer. Neither are something i will have to look at or sit on.

  5. There’s no fool like and April fool….

    Of course I am cynical enough to believe this is real….

  6. the only people buying stuff today are high-income (hedge fund managers) so slapping a limited edition label on, even a Kohler toilet, gets their attention. What would Edward Weston think?

  7. Taking this to its logical conclusion, Nikons with Toyota badges and Canons with Honda decals will be arriving in a cheap plastic case at a Calumet store near you, price? I couldn’t care!

    I got the same e- mail from Hasselblad this morning, I forwarded it to a couple of guys I know, the general consensus is ‘A fool and his money are easily parted’. I still like my cameras black or silver and black, call me traditional but I don’t care. If they sell 500 of them good luck to them, but I bet they build them to order, so how will we know. Hasselblad should stick to what they’re good at and get out of the ‘limited edition’ market, Victor will be rotating in his grave!

  8. Anyone see 60 minutes last night? Anyone see Brad’s post of the image of the tricycle a few weeks back, how much did someone pay for that image?
    Sorry guys, for some this is a piece of art work and will be treated & displayed as such. Guys in Russia, Middle East, & Asia have purchased these for show and never intend on shooting one frame on it. It’s not what I’d be spending my money on but to each his own.
    If anyone wants to see one through glass, we have one on display here at the store. It is available for purchase and then you can touch it. We’ve sold one and the customer was very happy so isn’t that what really matters?

    “…Guys in Russia, Middle East, & Asia have purchased these for show and never intend on shooting one frame on it…..”

    Rich…you just made my point for me?!! WTF is the purpose of buying a camera for $30 Grand if you never intend on using it? This is NOT a piece of art. This is a cross-brand marketing exercise. And like most of these deals that Ferrari gets into, it’s kind of ridiculous! “Oh, Ferrari is the ‘best’ car, and Hasselblad is the ‘best’ camera, so OF COURSE it’s a match made in Heaven!” I can practically see the guys who thought this marriage up patting themselves on the back. Bottom line, if this was such a success, why after two years does Hasselblad still have stock of this special edition? They should have sold out within a few months if people really thought it was that amazing. And at this point, why would anybody who actually might plan on using it…AS A CAMERA…feel the need to pay 30 Large for what is, quite frankly, a design that is already getting long in the tooth?!! BT

  9. Gee Brad… I think that all those Fortune 500 businessmen are having a secret agenda.They are investing in creating a Hasselblad-Ferrari 500 club to shoot themselves and take you out of business….

    Shine some lights on them and show them how its done….


    The Manager (he wishes)

  10. For that money I can buy a 1966 Ford Mustang fastback… The challenge with digital is that is dated by the time you buy it and this is a 2010 model… Great read!

  11. I work for a well known beauty products company, and they just started selling a 220 dollar hair dryer (a hair dryer) that was a product of a Ferrari licensing deal like this. Dumb.

  12. My hobby is baking and about a year ago my trusted 13 yr old stove bit it. I went to the appliance store, and, lo and behold, stoves with Ferrari paint and design to the tune of about 7 grand each I think.

    Frankly I look at this as a company hanging the moniker of Sucker on all of their prospective customers. I like unusual cameras. But definitely not this one. When I saw it, I was immediately reminded of the episode of Friends sitcom where Joey pretended to have a Ferrari to impress girls. He went out and got the jacket and the hat. Frankly a company would have to pay me money to sport logos. I generally gaffer tape the names when I get the camera. Except for the Kodak SLR I have. Because that one gets some laughs when I show up with it.

  13. Well,I agree.A ferrarie camera would be cool.Specially if it soundedike one .And cupcakes are super tasty.And ponies are nice.

  14. Brad knowing just how upset you were with Hasselblad and the Ferrari camera, you might want to avoid looking at the news from Photokina, the HasselbladSonyStein NEX wrap it in wood, carbon fibre and stick a gold shutter button on it, $5k camera.

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