The 2012 Barron’s Roundtable Mid-Year Report

First off…I’m gonna thank Timothy Archibald for getting me off my ass and back on the blog! He wondered aloud on his own blog the other day about how facebook might be causing a lotta guys like me to slack off on our blog duties, so thanks T.A.

Now, back to business!

My twice-yearly Barron’s cover story on the meeting of their Round Table participants popped up a couple of weeks back, so just as I did for the Black Board cover back in January, here’s a little behind-the-scenes on how we put together the cover for Part 2…

Click on Any Image for Full-Size

Since we only have about two hours to shoot all ten Roundtable members individually for both covers and all the inside photos for the two issues, we have to have our two sets nailed down pretty tight. And because we decided on the very complicated Black Board set for the January cover, the Mid Year cover set had to be somewhat simpler. Barron’s Photo Editor Adrian DeLucca and I came up with the idea to use arrow props that would be held to illustrate the Up and Down market trends and pose everyone on white around a few cubes…

Once we got all ten members shot, now I just had to assemble them into believable groups for both the cover and the inside opening spread…

…the final spread had most of those red arrows changed to blue…

…and for the cover we went without props altogether…

See y’all next January…


6 thoughts on “The 2012 Barron’s Roundtable Mid-Year Report

  1. Great work Brad, love it! Gotta ask, do you shoot between two bodies as I can see you have two set up on tripods in your set up shot? Thanks for sharing!

    The Canon was used on the white set…the Hasselblad/Leaf back was for the blackboard set. BT

  2. This photo is so epic….

    Soooo many photoshop opportunities, all of which would probably get you sued, but still epic!

    Oh…not worried about getting sued, but I get your meaning. Faber’s nickname is “Dr. Doom”, so the devilish gesture with the downward arrow is quite fitting. I was pushing to use it in the opening spread photo, but got voted down. BT

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