The Doctor Will See You Now – Sanjay Gupta For Prevention Magazine

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It took a while, but my friend Marybeth Dulany finally called me with a gig over at Prevention Magazine. I used to work for Marybeth a lot back in the days of ‘Rosie’ magazine, but once that folded she moved on to ‘Health’ where my particular style wasn’t a good fit. She ended up at Prevention last year and now she had something kinda cool…a profile of Dr. Sanjay Gupta for the July issue. The Damn Ugly crew made the trip down to Industria and here’s a bit of our day with the Doctor…

We started with a white setup for some cover stuff. Cate Sheehy was styling…

…and Marni Burton handled makeup…

We even did a bit of off-set/artificial portrait stuff that made it into the story…

I also set up a canvas backdrop that had a nice, terra cotta look to it…

I got to use my new 5-foot PLM umbrella for the first time…what a great light! I was really impressed at the quality of light and how large the coverage was. It was set up about 15 feet away from the subject and kicked out an open, but still contrasty light that gave me a wonderful shadow.

Finally, since it was such a nice day, Marybeth asked if we could do a few outdoor shots, so we fired up a 600-B and hit the street…

Marybeth was very happy…

And here are the final pages…

12 thoughts on “The Doctor Will See You Now – Sanjay Gupta For Prevention Magazine

  1. i see a christmas card in this one:

    Dr. Gupta identifies a key public health risk factor



    Trust you to turn my shoot into a Level-4 Hot Zone!!! BT

  2. Great work as always! Thank you for sharing your talents. Re: PLM, did you get the Extreme or the Soft Silver? Great light!

    It must be the EXTREME cuz there ain’t nothing soft about that silver! BT

  3. It looked really shiny in the photo. EXTREME was my guess. I see they also make a sock for it. Did you get that too? Just for convenience sake?

    Yeah…got the sock, but have never used it…’ll basically give you the same kinda light you’ll get from an Octa with that sock over the face. BT

  4. Just curious, are you using $10 tile board or actual $100 plexiglass for your floor?

    1/8″ milk white plexiglas. It gives me the mirror-like reflection I like. BT

  5. I love the terra-cotta like backdrop. I checked online that there are a few that look similar. What’s the name of the canvas used above? Thanks.

    The drop I used was from my go-to backdrop rental place…Broderson Backdrops… …Charles has two or three similar drops in different shades like the one I used. He’s one of the best scenic painters in NYC. BT

  6. Hey Brad, I love the light you were able to get from that PLM umbrella…. mind me asking, are you using the extreme silver or soft silver?

    You mean ya hafta ask?!! I’m as subtle as a shovel to the face…Extreme, Baby…EXTREME!!! BT

  7. I love the look and feel of your images and the way you share things in your blog!!!
    I’m curious, what kind of reflector do you used in the outdoor portraits? Thanks.

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