In Case You Were Wondering…CEO’s Are VERY Busy!!!

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I logged another CEO Spotlight for Barron’s a few weeks back when Adrian sent us to shoot Bob Benmosche, the CEO of AIG. As usual, the drill is we get told The Boss is extremely busy and I will only be allowed five minutes to get everything I need in the can. I typically take the ‘five minutes’ as shorthand for we hafta be quick, but this time I knew we had no wiggle room. Benmosche was going to shoehorn us in between an earnings statement conference call and a Town Hall Meeting, so his schedule was carved in stone. There was going to be very little time for small talk, but I know how important it is to come away with a portrait that shows the subject’s personality. Obviously, with such little time to shoot we had to have our setups nailed down when he showed up. Here’s how it went.

The CEO Spotlight is formatted as a full-length portrait on white, so on this day we turned the top floor of the AIG building…with it’s 18-foot ceilings and Million Dollar views…into our studio…

That gave us our feature opener…

We also did a second shot where I used my Ghetto-Flos in the hallway area directly behind where we had the seamless set up…

…which gave us this…

…that morphed into this after a wee bit of Photoshoppery…

And we were done…in five minutes.


7 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering…CEO’s Are VERY Busy!!!

  1. Your DIY Flos are great. Where did you get the metallic enclosures for them? Would love to build something similar

    They’re just 4′ Lithonia shop lights/T8 tubes…I use both 3200k & 5000k. The fixture is only $35 ( ) and all you have to do is screw in a Matthews Baby Plate in order to mount them on a C-Stand. If you want to get fancy you can buy some plastic ‘egg crate’ louvers to use as a grid. BT

  2. @Brad Trent: Thanks for those DIY details. Will get on it right away and start putting them together. Keep up the good work – you are a great inspiration. Cheers from L.A.

  3. How do you lug around all that lighting gear?? BTW, love the blog!

    Easy…I ain’t lighting guys who hang off the side of mountains like you do!!! BT

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