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Down in the Woods

DOWNLOAD:Down in the Woods

Richard Hawley is probably destined to be one of those over-talented Brits who never cracks the American market, and that’s really a shame, ‘cuz he’s awfully damned good. Back in the 90’s he was in the Britpop band Longpigs before hooking up with Jarvis Cocker’s Pulp, but on his own, Hawley has released seven truly inspiring solo albums. And while he’s probably known as being more of a rockabilly-styled singer, his latest album, Standing At The Sky’s Edge…with walls of fuzzy feedback, processed vocals and dark lyrics…is downright psychedelic. And for a guy who’s said he’d “never, ever been interested in fashion or being fashionable”, he’s put out a very hip record. Head on over to his website to check him out, and here he is doing ‘Down in the Woods’ live on Jools Holland’s show…


4 thoughts on “Song of the Day

  1. He is a great wordsmith and musician, you’re right he is ‘awfully damned good’, stateside you don’t know what you’re missing, there’s a wealth of talent here in the UK who’d blow your minds, maybe one day you’ll let them…

  2. Alistar,

    It’s better for everyone this way. Getting popular over here is a pretty vicious beast that does not tend to do good things for ones musical output. Those of us who actually enjoy music are well aware of the talent that exists outside the states.

  3. Thomas,

    I guess you’re right, having to tour all the big venues stateside and every TV and radio show would certainly restrict the time an artist would have to let the creative juices flow.

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