Alec Baldwin Is Santa Claus

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In the Dreamworks Holiday Blockbuster, Rise of the Guardians, Alec Baldwin is lending his (Russian-accented) voice to Santa Claus, and in a bit of cross-promotion, David Baratz at USA Weekend called upon me and the crew to shoot him for the cover of their Holiday Tech Gift Guide. So a few weeks ago, we turned a room at the Crosby Street Hotel into our studio and brought a bit of Christmas to Soho…here’s how it went down…

Since it was a Christmas cover, I figured it was OK to dress up the set with a few Xmas lights…

Even though we knew we would only have Alec for maybe half an hour, my stylist, Cynthia Altoriso, pulled together a stunning array of clothes, including a couple of $7,000 Brioni burgundy velvet jackets (that unfortunately didn’t get worn)…

Since the idea of the cover was to have Alec plugged in to the tech gifts, he worked with the few props that played on that metaphor…

…and here are the final images…

Merry early Christmas!!!


9 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin Is Santa Claus

  1. Great shots! Always enjoy your work and BTS setups. Maybe some camera and lights’ settings? Hey, why the Hassey instead of a DSLR, you only needed for a small print article? Thanks!

    I don’t bother with camera settings cuz this ain’t that kind of blog (and my camera is almost always set at f11 @ 125 anyway!), but as to your question about why a Hasselblad…if you’ve ever compared fils that come out of any digital back compared to those from a DSLR, you wold know why I shoot with the Hassey! BT

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