Meet Gregory Boyd…A Guy Who REALLY Wants To Be Just Like Me…

You have undoubtedly noticed the posting frequency over here at Damn Ugly has dropped off precipitously lately, but that only means that I’ve been too damned busy to tickle the keyboard, knocking out my updates about what I’ve been doing. But…things are slowing down a bit and I can prolly fill y’all in fairly soon with what I’ve been up to, but to tide you over until then, I thought I would share this little news item. I’m sure you’ll get a chuckle over it, as I certainly did…

The other day my friend Axel Dupeux was trolling the interwebs and came across a site he thought I might be interested in. He sent me a couple of images that struck him as being remarkably like two of my own shots. They were done by some guy named Gregory Boyd and I gotta say, he must be a BIG fan of my work cuz these two images don’t even make an attempt to hide their origin.

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Here is my portrait of Bahmann Mossavar-Rahmani…


…and here’s what my new protégé spit out…


Greg…ya couldn’t even change the color of the seamless?!!

The next image of mine is a shot I did of investment manager Peter Siris…


…And Gregory’s homage


Now some might argue that this second example could maybe be a coincidence, but given that I’m convinced he straight-up ripped me off on that first shot, I’m not cutting Mr. Boyd any slack. He stole the idea. Period.

So if Gregory Boyd wanted to get noticed for his photography skillz, I’m more than happy to send a few eyeballs over to his site to check him out. You can view all of his work at and who knows…you might even spot some photos he’s taken using the ideas of other photographers, as well!

And while you’re over there, you might want to drop him a line to tell him what you think of his work. I’m sure he’ll appreciate the input!






UPDATE – 3/14/14 10:30AM…

Somebody just got in touch with me and it seems Gregory’s photography career might have actually ended years ago…

Gregory Boyd – LinkedIn

Could it be that the last thing he did in an attempt at salvaging his failing photo business was to copy my photographs…?!!


20 thoughts on “Meet Gregory Boyd…A Guy Who REALLY Wants To Be Just Like Me…

  1. I hear what you are saying. BTW, the portrait of investment manager Peter Siris— STUNNING. Love the pattern of the building around the window. Wonderful image.

  2. #1 is not an original idea and #2 isn’t similar enough to be relevant. Going on a public rant like this makes you look like a baby. Unsubscribing.

    Sorry to see you go, Fart. But we’ve had a good run…maybe it’s for the best, huh?!! BT

  3. well the first one is a ripoff FOR SURE, the second i’d say “influenced by” but not a clear copy. let’s not generalize, but … the chinese are known to rip off, counterfeit, copy — across industries.

    keep posting! miss ya!

  4. So we’re feeling all bitter because some marginal Chinese copycat photographer tried to do something vaguely similar to some of your published work? Having a bad day huh? We all go through it. You just fell victim to the urge to vent. There are too many things I’ve said online in a fit of frustration that I wish I could take back. Your brand is better than that or I wouldn’t even be reading your blog.

    His shot of the dude with the fetus in an egg is damn creepy though. Maybe he should re brand as Damn Creepy Photography. 🙂

    Maybe think about deleting this post and don’t give this guy any more publicity. It defeats the purpose anyway.

    I will admit right up front to perhaps being a bit too knee-jerk when it comes to this kind of thing, but honestly, I want young Gregory to learn that you can’t get away with copying other peoples ideas and passing them off as his own. And any ‘publicity’ he’s gonna see from this probably won’t help him…

    I just found out that this kid used to assist another friend of mine, Evan Kafka. Go check out the design of Evan’s website and compare it to Gregory’s…apparently stealing photo ideas isn’t the only thing he’s good at! BT

  5. Hey, is anyone else going to miss “fart?” He/she did leave an unpleasant smell in his/her wake.

  6. Brad, I like the way you handled this.

    The hateful remarks by some people here, are sad. You didn’t actually express anger, you simply wrote about someone who copied you, and you had some fun with it. I’m sure it must be annoying and flattering at the same time to have someone copy you.

    After all, we all copy others to some extent, and it’s perfectly legal. It’s also how we learn.

    However, Boyd copied you exactly, and for what looks like a paid job. How difficult would it have been to have changed just one thing to make it his own?

    Like you said… even the paper was the same color!

    How lazy do you have to be, or afraid to experiment, to make it your own and give your client something you came up with.

    What I find beguiling, Boyd had the nerve to publish his copycat behind-the-scenes photo to. Most likely to impress his followers and clients.

    So, here’s my idea: On your next BTS post, do a fake setup, and with a horrible lighting pattern.

    Boyd will copy it, his photo will suck. But, Boyd will think it’s great because he wants to be just like Brad Trent!

  7. Well, the first shot is similar, but his lighting for both is a dead giveaway that it could never come close to your work (shadow on 1 and flash on window on 2). I don’t know if anyone could ever rip off your technique, Brad! Also your relationship with your subjects, they look so relaxed and comfortable. The other guy looks like he doesn’t know what to do with his hands. There are many things that make a great photographer that cannot be captured by anyone else. In the industry, of course I’ve seen replicas of photos and even layouts, but I guess that’s what inspires new trends. Maybe you should change your name to Brad Trend 🙂 Love seeing your posts, they’re always very interesting! Beth

    Thanks Sweetie….what’s up with you?!! BT

  8. Dear Anon,
    I certainly won’t deny Brad has influenced my photography but I think there is a strong difference between me making a “clin d’oeil” to my friend and this guy consciously plagiarizing all the objective elements of the 1st image from its composition and lighting to the post-treatment and even the background color.
    Also I was trapped in a 4 square feet glass box.
    xo Axel

    I think he wuz kiddin’…..BT

  9. Hi Brad, first of all – I love your photography and often get a chuckle out of your blog posts! Keep |em coming! You are an inspiration to many photographers around the globe. But you can cut people some slack for using the same colour of the seamless methinks, that line was really funny! Surely you use all sorts of backgrounds, and you can’t keep them all to yourself, haha! Well, in any case, I am guilty of “copying” that colour background too, as can be seen in this shot of my lovely dog in front of a 6 by 8 meter vinyl train at a product shot setup – I just like it better than green – and I swear I did this without thinking of your much greater portraits! 🙂

    Looking forward to your updates and more blog posts soon! 🙂
    All the very best from Sweden! 🙂

  10. @ Axel Dupuex TOTALLY KIDDING, as BT surmised. Sorry! I like your work very much

  11. Honestly I’ve seen both these type of images done by at least a dozen photographers before. Yeah the guy ripped the first photo but is not like the original was re-inventing the “showing more of the room than the seemless”-genre.

    Dude. Point. Missed. Completely. BT

  12. He’s a far worse photographer. I believe you’re just hitting too hard, there are plenty of similar ideas everywhere. Yes, probably he just lifted some of your ideas, but I simply don’t believe you if you say you’ve never done this before, at least once.

    Maurizio…I didn’t invent the shot that shows the lighting and set and background, but yes, I do that photo a lot. What this guy did is something else…he just saw my photograph and copied it. And if I seem to be hitting too hard, too bad for Gregory…it’ll toughen him up! BT

  13. It’s nothing unusual unfortunately, ripping (copying) af everything is usually (even) a good business, but only if you put your own note in work. But, unfortunatelly, many people don’t do that (they just copy someone else work).

  14. I’ve been a fan of your work for a long time and I’m not trying to offend you but your style is not all that original. Your photographs are awesome but do you really think you’re the only one that could shoot the way you do? Again, not trying to offend you.

    Always nice to hear from my fans… BT

  15. Wow I didn’t realize you invented the pulled back shot against a seamless ! That’s so cool.

    Wow Mike…way to get in there with the snarky comment only a year and a half later! Keep up the good work, Buddy!!! BT

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