Enrico Ferorelli

Enrico Ferorelli

Enrico Ferorelli…my friend, my mentor and one of the smartest and sweetest men I’ve ever known…died this morning.

I worked as his assistant from 1983 through 1987. We traveled the World shooting Kings, Presidents, Athletes, Musicians, Scientists and Celebrities. Enrico, more than any other photographer I worked with, made me the photographer…and man…I am today.

I am lost. And I will miss him forever.


21 thoughts on “Enrico Ferorelli

  1. I met Enrico in Edmonton in the mid-eighties. He was a very cool gentleman. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I always admired his work.

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  3. Please know that we are thinking of you and we share your sadness on the loss of your special friend Enrico.

  4. When you look up the definition of mischievous gentleman, Enrico’s photo is there….We were so damn lucky to know him and be privilege to his wit and wisdom.

  5. Brad, Thank you for letting me meet Enrico when I was working with you in “88”. You told me he
    taught you the ropes. May he be Blessed.

  6. Brad, I am bereft. What a genius photographer. He launched my career in photography, that’s for sure. More than that, he was the sweetest and most open-minded friend. And usually the smartest and funniest man in the room. I can only imagine your heart ache.
    lots of love, dot

  7. Dear Brad, as you don`t know me, I have send you an e-mail to introduce myself and share the pain and sadness for Enrico´s loss. I would appreciate if you could confirm me this, when you feel like.
    Sincerely, María Marta Hervás.

  8. I am sinking in pain as I write these words. I just today learned of Enrico’s death. What an enormous loss for all of us who loved and admired him. We met in the early 1990s when he was assigned by NatGeo to cover my expedition in Ethiopia (Hadar where I found Lucy) and we spent endless hours in the desert evenings sipping scotch and talking about life, love, challenge, etc. He was the most wonderful person, generous, insightful, loving, caring, creative and so in love with life and especially his family. Everyone who met Enrico was touched by a truly wonderful person…so sad, so sad

  9. Brad, I’m so glad you shared this sad news. Enrico was an amazing person and artist. I’m glad I had a chance to know him.

  10. I worked for him back in the mid 80s. I learned a lot from him. One thing I wished I had saved was his list of dos and don’ts for assistants. Even back then the list seemed like common sense and decency, but few people actually put it down in writing. Lately I have hired some really bone-headed assistants who just don’t seem to have a clue, but then I realized – they just need to be educated properly. So I wondered – does anyone have a copy of the list they could scan?

  11. As a young and first time art director, I hired Enrico for a still-life shoot for a proposed magazine cover. Before Photoshop, before CGI, he made the image look magical and authentic as maybe it would be seen in nature. He excelled in knowledge, taste, and spirit. He taught me to be adventurous and curious. He will be missed for the gentleman that he was.

  12. Two years after his death, I wish to remind Enrico Ferorelli as a special and a caring, open-minded man.
    My regards to his family.

  13. We were inseparable classmates throughout three years of high school in Rome, so how can I forget
    how much we laughed and enjoyed teasing the rest of the class. Ciao Enrico e grazie per il libro di poesie di Sandro Penna.

  14. I am just learning this. So sorry for your loss of a good friend. I’m so bummed because he was so amazing and I always thought we would meet again. HIs photography was some of the best in the world and his brave persona was just as amazing Enrico spoke about the downsizing of photojournalists and the importance to take a stand for photographers in general. He was the first person I met that expressed a license for photojournalists. I wish that had happened.

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