Suite Judy Blue Eyes


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Judy Collins…!!!

When Ronnie Weil called and offered me this one, all I could say was, “Wow!”. For five decades…my entire life…she’s been making music…beautiful music. Now Judy is recording a new CD that is tentatively titled “Duets with Guys”, an album that will feature her signing with Jeff Bridges, Jimmy Buffett, Don McLean and Kris Kristofferson, and Alexandra Wolfe was writing a profile on her for the Wall Street Journal. Here is how our day went…

Kaz sitting in for our first shot…



Ms. Collins in the makeup chair…


And our shooting day begins…



We also had a Journal video crew following us around…



Here are a couple of final images…

Judy Collins


For the next setup, I wanted to do something dark & dramatic, and more etherial. And while it doesn’t look like much with Kaz in place…


…once Judy stepped on set, things got dialed in pretty fast…




Judy Collins

…and our final image…

Judy Collins


As a little bonus, follow the link below for Ali Wolfe’s interview with Judy…


…as well as some more behind-the-scenes from our shoot:

Judy Collins Interview & Behind-the-Scenes footage


16 thoughts on “Suite Judy Blue Eyes

  1. Thanks for sharing the interview/comments and your great photos of Judy Collins. I’d love to see her in concert, but I don’t imagine she’ll be appearing at “The Jube.” here, so I will wait for the release of her new album.

  2. impressive as usual. nice lighting choices, cool pic of you both at the end… working the x100 of the BTS shots, eh. love that camera. thanks for sharing, your work is so consistently excellent.
    keep going!

  3. Is all the fill coming from the back of the v-flats or were there additional lights?

    The only light was the top light…all the fill came from the foam core and a small silver card right in front of me on the floor. BT

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