Bill Nighy Is Way Cooler Than You

Bill Nighy

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Bill Nighy is cool. Throughout the meandering flow of his career he’s played a vampire, a wizard, an aging, sleazy burnout rock star, a nazi, a time traveler and even Davy Jones with an Octopus face! Whatever he’s in, he’s the coolest guy on the screen. And he wears a suit really well, too. When he arrived at the Golden Theater…where he was starring in Skylight with Cary Mulligan…for our Wall Street Journal shoot, he just oozed cool…that bespoke suit, his perfect diction, his silky smooth attitude…I thought to myself…he’s the King of Cool.

And…off we go…


The mezzanine of the Golden had lotsa space for Julien and Kaz to assemble our pop-up studio…




And a quick 45 degree turn to the left offered up a wonderful second shot…



Here’s how everything turned out…

Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy


I wanna be cool like Bill…



10 thoughts on “Bill Nighy Is Way Cooler Than You

  1. hey, you’re pretty cool, too, pulling shots like these off with consistency and dare i say it: APLOMB !

  2. that is amazing i wish i was on long enough to actually be able to post stuff kinda like that

  3. Great shots as always Brad. I enjoy your behind the scenes posts. Can you share what that shiny surface material Bill is standing on?

  4. Is it post-processing, angles or good anti-reflective coatings that prevent the ring flash from being reflected in the eyeglasses? I’m not a professional but I have the damnest time trying to angle lights in a way to not get a large reflection in glasses. Thanks for sharing!

    In this case, it was all good angles in combination with very good coating on his glasses. Occasionally I hafta to a bit of post work, but only very rarely. BT

  5. Curious about the surface as well – plexi?

    Sorry for the late reply, but work often gets in the way. Peter Hurley has solved the problem (and pain in the ass!) of having to lug around a 4×8 sheet of pleat with his ProBoard…a roll-up sheet of durable plastic that weighs nothing and fits inside an easy to carry case. Check it out HERE…BT

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