Yeah, Yeah…I’ve Been Busy!!!

September 7th

That was the last time I dropped a post on the old Blog. More than two months. That’s gotta be a record, even for me. You know, life gets in the way and things get back-burnered, but I’ve been busy. Well…if we’re being totally honest, as some of you know I have also been preoccupied …some might say abnormally preoccupied…with the National Nightmare that was the Election of 2016. And in those few moments where I could have been filling the pages of Damn Ugly Photography with my behind-the-scenes tales, I was probably watching my Twitter feed…and screaming at my monitor. But that’s over now and all we have show for it is this petulant, obnoxious, short-fingered vulgarian who’s primed to take over the country…

Donald Trump

But starting tomorrow, I’m gonna try my best to focus more on my own shit and less on the shit situation the country faces over the next four years. I’ve got a lotta stuff in the pipeline so keep your eyeballs on this space.


6 thoughts on “Yeah, Yeah…I’ve Been Busy!!!

  1. I have to admit,….I threw up a little when I opened the email, and seeing Donnie Boo Boo…… My mindset is like yours. I’ve been so into this whole election thing,..and then now. Yikes. I’m finding myself concentrating more on MY shit. My work. My MTB. My music. My woodworking,…. And just hold on. Love your posts.

  2. Thank you so much for speaking up against Trump. Unfortunately, the collective warning cast by people like you and me was not enough to stop people from electing a mad man. I agree. Time to tend to our own gardens now. We tried.

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