Damn Ugly Photography Is A Little Less Ugly

After far too many years, we finally decided to put a new coat of paint on the website. Today we flipped the switch on an all-new, HTML-5 based platform…

So drop whatever you’re doing and head on over to The New & Improved Brad Trent Dot Com and check it out! I think you’ll find things much easier to navigate with the grid-pattern thumbnail galleries, it’s far more iPad & mobile phone friendly, and the HTML-5 is a lot more stable and works one Hell of a lot better than the old Flash site!

But try as I might, some ‘Damn Ugly’ stuff still managed to creep back in…


2 thoughts on “Damn Ugly Photography Is A Little Less Ugly

  1. Damn! I hate you, you’re way too talented. Superb work and blog, I’m a fan. Thanks for continuing to inspire me Brad.

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