Ethan Hawke For The London Sunday Times

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Ethan Hawke has a new movie out…‘First Reformed’…and Adam Hearn from the Times of London offered me the opportunity to hang with him for a bit and hopefully come away with a few portraits for the cover of the Sunday Culture Magazine. Kaz and I headed out to Ruby Bird Studios in Brooklyn and here’s how things went…

I wanted to shoot at Ruby Bird cuz it’s dripping with character…point in just about any direction and you can’t help but have a great background. And besides a cool location, we had Michael Fisher as our stylist for the day. And he killed it with all the amazing clothes he brought!

I decided to start pretty simple…in a corner…..

Ethan worked the Hell outta that corner…

For a second look, we set up against one of the rusty sliding doors…

…and Michael had the perfect retro outfit for the mood…

Michael had a rack full of extremely nice suits just begging to be used, so for our final shots, we went with a simple, dark seamless…

…and I let Ethan just play around…

Here’s the cover that came out yesterday…

Thanks to Adam, Michael, the folks at Ruby Bird..and most of all Ethan…it was a cool hang!


7 thoughts on “Ethan Hawke For The London Sunday Times

  1. I’m always looking for the next blog post, thanks for sharing. I’d love to see a bit of the post processing you do to your shots. Greetings from Vancouver.

  2. Wel that’s all quite cool 😎 kind of disappointing they chose a shot you could have done anywhere ditching some great backgrounds. Nice shots.

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