Joe Duran In A Walnut-Paneled Room For InvestmentNews

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Joe Duran is the CEO of United Capital and we met up with him in a sumptuous, expensive looking, walnut-paneled room at the University Club in Midtown Manhattan for a cover shoot for InvestmentNews.

Here we go…..

Lotsa wood paneled walls…

But we had a specific look in mind, and that meant we were gonna drop some seamless…here’s Matt, looking pensive…

Lighting was pretty simple…a gridded 3′ Profoto RFI main light filled with a soft ring light.

When Joe arrived, he tried his best to emulate Matt’s serious look…

…but there was something about his smile that worked better…

On the opposite side of the room, we had dropped a grey seamless…

Obviously, I white-balanced my setup in Capture One rather cool…around 4350 Kelvin…to shift the grey tones from neutral to blue. I did that to better match Joe’s blue suit. The whole thing was lit by a single 47″ Rime Lite Grand Box with only a 7′ pop-up reflector on the right side for fill and I shot everything using a 50mm on the Hasselblad for a bit of wide angle distortion…

Here’s how it looks in this week’s InvestmentNews


2 thoughts on “Joe Duran In A Walnut-Paneled Room For InvestmentNews

  1. You often USD cooler temperature settings. Can I just ask how you deal with skin tones? Do you put warming gels in your lights or do you photoshop it back to a warmer tint? Thanks!

    Good question…back in the day, I would control skin tones with by adding gels, but not nearly as much now. I shoot tethered to Capture One 98% of the time, so I can very easily shoot at lower temps (4000-4800k) and still keep the reds and yellows in line by using the Color Editor panel. It allows me to control/alter the individual color channels…and even the skin tone…when I set my overall color temperature far lower that ‘normal’. BT

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