Song of the Day

Friends Make Garbage, True Friends Take It Out

DOWNLOAD: Friends Make Garbage, True Friends Take It Out

Since Audrye Sessions packed it in last year, frontman Ryan Karazija moved to Iceland, got married to a lovely Icelandic lass, and spent a lotta long, cold, dark Icelandic nights writing news songs. Cold, dark, moody songs. And after trying out a few names for his new project, he’s settled on one that perfectly matches the feeling these songs evoke…Low Roar. Monastically holed up in an igloo with little more to eat than dried reindeer meat and the occasional sick Puffin that dropped outta the sky, he put together a collection of beautifully crafted stories, then went into the studio and with that remarkable voice of his, set them to music, playing all of the instruments and handling the production himself (with his friend and Audrye Sessions producer Andrew Scheps doing the mixing). Ryan told me today that the as-yet untitled album will be out in a month, he’ll be playing in California in August, and if he gets enough demand, will try to get to New York, too. Let’s help him out…head on over to the Low Roar Facebook Page and hit the “LIKE” button.

Finally, here’s Ryan doing an acoustic version of another of the new songs, ‘Help Me’…..

Song of the Day

Turn Me Off


Full credit for today’s song goes to Channel 25 on my Sirius Radio…the Little Steven Underground Garage channel…I’ve been listening to so much great new stuff over there lately that I’ve barely had to look at the online indie music blogs to find anything worth tossing out to you leeches! Audrye Sessions is an Oakland quartet who just dropped their self-titled debut last month and have been getting major notices for the raw, emotional quality to their songs, but especially for lead singer Ryan Karazija’s amazing vocals which one minute can resemble Bono with his plaintive, suggestive cries, then he’ll slide into a Thom Yorke vibe with a wailing falsetto. And any U2 reference you notice might have something to do with the fact that the album was produced by Andrew Scheps, who has previously worked with Bono and the boys….as well as the Chili Peppers, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash and an armload of other A-List acts. The gorgeously anthemic ‘Turn Me Off’, with it’s wall of crystal-clear guitars and crashing drums, was written after Karazija saw a television show where returning Iraqi-War veterens talked about being “so messed up that you want to be shut off”. The rest of the album covers all the musical food-groups, from power-pop and guitar-heavy arena rock, to deeply introspective ballads. This is one extremely impressive debut! Check out Audrye Sessions over on their MySpace page.