Song of the Day

The Ballad Of New York

A few weeks ago the crew at Damn Ugly Photography took the ‘L’ Train out to Williamsburg for an impromptu cover shoot with Chiara Angelicola…Bird Call to the rest of you. She needed a photo for her jazzy new single and I’ve been dying to shoot her for a while, so was certainly willing to help out. That single…The Ballad Of New York…came out this week and I’m giving you guys an exclusive first listen here. Her smokey & souful vocal, backed up by the cascading piano and the oh-so-sad wail of the saxophone give me goosebumps every time I play this song. She co-produced ‘Ballad’ with Noah Hoffeld, and it will be featured on the new album she’s recording now. Unlike most Songs of the Day, I’m only attaching the mp3 player and not the usual full-download link (you folks on iPads will likely have to fire up the old desktop computer to listen), ‘cuz after all, Chiara is 100% indie and needs to make a few bucks every once and a while…if I go giving everything away for free she’ll be stuck eating pork ‘n beans, so please, head on over to her website (where you can also pick up her two earlier EP’s, “The Animals Know” & “Other Creatures”) or iTunes and show her some love ($) by downloading there!

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Song of the Day

Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

DOWNLOAD: Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

No…this isn’t an April Fool’s joke…you’re actually seeing a Bob Dylan song on the Song of the Day List! ‘Together Through Life’ will be Bob Dylan’s forty-sixth album since his storied career began in 1962, and will be his first studio album since Modern Times was released in 2006 and ‘cuz all the kids are doin’ it these days, he’s offering the first single, ‘Beyond Here Lies Nothin’, as a free download. Now, it might be because I just saw Cadillac Records last weekend and I’m feelin’ the Blues, but to me it sounds like Mr. Zimmerman must have been listening to a few Chess Records from the fifties before he laid down this track…the bluesey guitar licks, the squeeze-box accordion, the bone-dry trumpet crying out in the background, all coming together and wrapping around Bobby’s gutteral growl…’s almost like he’s sending out a love letter to Muddy Waters! The album drops April 28th and you can learn more by visiting his Website or head on over to MySpace to stream a few more songs.