Song of the Day – Two Times

I’ve had a lotta stuff goin’ on in the past week which has forced me to neglect my blog duties, but I picked up this month’s Esquire Music Issue and noticed that among the songs they say you MUST listen to were a bunch straight off of the Song of the Day List, including The Drive-By Truckers, Charlotte Gainsbourg, The Heavy and Bob Schneider…anyway, it got me thinking I had better get back on the horse and find some stuff for you guys to listen to before the threatening e-mails wondering where the music is begins. I also figured since me and Esquire seem to have similar tastes in music, I should prolly go see ’em…I haven’t worked for the magazine in ages!

Here at The List we have our favorites and God knows The Raveonettes certainly fall into that category. The second I heard ‘Love In A Trashcan’ off of their album Pretty in Black, I became a slack-jawed, drooling fanboy…kinda ridiculous for somebody my age, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and I just can’t get enough of Sharin Foo’s husky, sexy voice…it’s sorta like Nico without all that heroin. Well…no sooner did Sharin & Sune drop a new video for their single “Heart of Stone”, off last year’s ‘In and Out of Control’, and a bunch of covers by other artists start flying at me from every direction!

Psychedelic Brooklyn rockers Amazing Baby have slowed the pace and turned it into a morphine-fuzzy homage to Marc Bolan & T-Rex…..

Heart Of Stone

DOWNLOAD: Heart Of Stone (Raveonettes cover)

…and going in a totally different direction, L.A.’s Dum Dum Girls have enveloped the song with a hollow, echoey surf guitar and a wall of reverb that sounds like a punked-out clone of The Shirelles!!!

Heart Of Stone (Raveonettes cover)

DOWNLOAD: Heart Of Stone (Raveonettes cover)

You can head on over to MySpace to check out both The Dum Dum Girls and Amazing Baby

Song of the Day

Heaven Can Wait

DOWNLOAD: Heaven Can Wait

If you didn’t know Charlotte Gainsbourg has a new album due out tomorrow, then you really haven’t been paying attention! Besides the usual leaks on all of the music blogs, Ms. Gainsbourg has been tearing up the promo circuit as well, capping it all off with a front page story in the Sunday Times yesterday. But I guess when you’re trying to get outta the shadow of your incredibly famous father, the renaissance man Serge Gainsbourg, you’ll take all the press you can get, however, the story behind “IRM” is quite fascinating….after a minor water skiing fall, she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and if not for emergency surgery would have probably died. But even after recovering, she remained convinced she was not quite right, so she insisted on repeated MRI scans (‘IRM’ in French). The experience focussed her songwriting on her medical crisis and the result is a haunting work, filled with eerie lyrics (“…Drill my brain full of holes and patch it before it leaks…”) and musical samples of the MRI machines whose grinding sounds somehow soothed her while they probed her head. And Beck…they had become friends a few years earlier and she got him to handle the production, as well as contribute on a few songs, including ‘Heaven Can Wait’. You can check out Charlotte Gainsbourg on her website or over on MySpace.