Song of the Day

Gloomy Monday Morning

DOWNLOAD: Gloomy Monday Morning

I was off shooting Kate Tucker on Wednesday and missed The Black Hollies show at the Knitting Factory, but according to everything I read, they tore the place up! I gotta admit, I was hooked on this song as soon as it opened with that fuzzed out piano banging, thumpy bass line and clanging cymbal crashes…the whole thing has such a wonderfully late-60’s, nostalgic Paisley Underground vibe…and front man Justin Angelo Morey’s energetic, high-register vocals transport you back in time where you swear you’re in a psychedelic club and the Zombies just took the stage! ‘Gloomy Monday Morning’ is off of the Jersey City quartet’s third album, Softly Towards The Light, and you can hear more over on their MySpace page


Song of the Day

New Orleans

DOWNLOAD: New Orleans

Kate Tucker is sorta becoming the Artist-in-Residence here at the Song of the Day. Since I first featured “Faster Than Cars Drive” back in November of 2007, she’s popped up no fewer than five times, ended up on the 2008 Songs of the Year and been in front of my camera twice. And she’s just spent 20 straight days in a Seattle studio working on 14 new songs for a solo album…meaning no Sons of Sweden, no Honeydove…just KaTe. The album is scheduled for a Winter 2010 release, but the big news of the day is she’s sent me some fresh produce…‘New Orleans’ is off of a 3-song EP she just sent me and you guys get to be among the first to hear it. I’ve been playing the EP all morning and can’t begin to tell you how much I like this. Blake Wescott, who also produced Damien Jurado’s ‘Rehearsals for Departure’), is producing and playing guitar, bgv’s, melotron and the album also features her Sons of Sweden bandmate Ed ‘Potatoes’ O’Brien on bass, Terrill Bailie on keyboards and Casey Foubert (who tours with Sufjan Stevens, Richard Swift, and Dave Bazan) on drums.

Like I said…Kate’s gonna be in town for CMJ and will be playing a 7:30PM set at Googie’s Lounge Friday 10/23 where you can pick up Where Are You, the limited edition pre-release of the new songs. Check her out on her MySpace page where you can stream ‘Blue December’ and ‘Where Are You’, the other two cuts off of the EP.

Song of the Day (Post 50 Edition)


Iamundernodisguse (alternate version)

DOWNLOAD: Iamundernodisguse (alternate version)

Mr. Song of the Day turned 50 yesterday, so to celebrate we’re gonna toss out a few gems from one of my fave local bands, School Of Seven Bells. After announcing their recent signing with Vagrant Records, a deluxe edition of their first album, Alpinisms, will be released digitally on October 13. The Alpinisms Deluxe Edition will have nine bonus tracks on its re-release comprised of demos, live versions and different mixes of songs from the original, including ‘Iamundernodisguse’. Any long-timers to The List surely remember that SVIIB made the 2008 Songs of the Year with ‘Connjur’…..


…and a few months later, they went back to the well and came up with the Alpinisms Decomposed Sessions…acoustic versions of some of the songs…..

DOWNLOAD: Connjur -Acoustic Version

So if we’re counting, I guess this newest version of Alpinisms will make three times they’ve re-invented themselves. Is it possible for a band to make an entire career outta re-recording the same stuff over and over…?!!

They’re on tour now and will be back in New York October 23rd, playing Webster Hall during the CMJ Music Marathon. You can check our School Of Seven Bells on MySpace or on their Official Website