R.I.P. Harvey Pekar

Underground comic book writer, working-class everyman and World-class curmudgeon, Harvey Pekar, checked out yesterday after 70 years of pissing off pretty much anybody who got close to him. For those of you who had never read American Splendor, it was a series of autobiographical comic books written by Harvey and illustrated by a laundry list of top-shelf underground talent that included Robert Crumb, David Collier, Drew Friedman, Gary Dumm and Joe Zabel. Who could have ever imagined that the adventures of a file clerk at a Veteran’s Administration hospital would catch the attention of so many, but Harvey’s mundane, everyday situations made him famous enough that he was a regular on David Letterman and had a movie made about his life starring Paul Giamatti. Well, until he got under the skin of Dave’s bosses at General Electric with an on-air rant where he criticized Letterman for being nothing but a shill for the corporation.

So Adios, Harvey…you were a true original…..and here is that last NBC appearance…

Song of the Day


Quiet Dog


We don’t get much hip-hop here on The List, but I saw Mos Def rockin’ a killer version of ‘Quiet Dog’ on Letterman the other night and just had to pass it along. It was really somthin’ to see him on stage hammering away on two timpani drums, backed up with just a DJ and another drummer…I’m sure you can YouTube it if you’re interested. Anyway, this is off of his new album, The Ecstatic, that dropped this week and if the rest of the album is this cool I just might find myself buying a Mos Def record.