I’m Disgusting In China…?!!

One of the cool things about the blog is the ability to look at the stats to see exactly who is wasting time in here, and one sort of weird thing has happened in the past few weeks…suddenly I’m getting a lotta hits from China and the blog is being fed into translate.google.com for English to Chinese translation! The only problem is, when I see how what I post gets translated, I hafta wonder if Google is getting it right! ‘Damn Ugly Photography’ comes up as ‘Disgusting Photography’ and ‘The Home Of The Song Of The Day List’ results in ‘But To Date Name List Song Home Page’…!

I dunno…I should probably just be happy that there are people half a World away checking out what’s sitting at the top of my iTunes folder!

Scary Thought of the Day…..

“Google keeps every single search query forever.
That’s ‘forever’…as in until the end of Time…!”

The Maria Bartiromo-hosted documentary, ‘Inside The Mind Of Google’, airs tomorrow night at 9:00PM on CNBC…..I’m scared already!!!