Song of the Day

She’s A Genius

DOWNLOAD: She’s A Genius

I’m willing to bet the ranch that the first time any of you heard of Jet was when Apple featured their song ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ in an iPod commercial a few years back…they milked that to death, but it morphed them from being a small indie act outta Melbourne into a major act playin’ arenas and everything! After taking a couple of years doing victory laps over their newfound fame, they finally got back into the studio to record their third album, Shaka Rock, that dropped last week. The reviews for the album have been kinda mixed, but I still kinda like ‘She’s A Genius’, even if it does sort of lift the guitar riff, bass line and percussion from The Knack’s ‘My Sharona’ ….. wait a sec ……. it is ‘My Sharona’…!!! Give it a listen and tell me I’m wrong and you can head over to Jet’s MySpace page to see who else they’ve ‘borrowed’ from!


Song of the Day

The Sun Ain’t Shining No More

DOWNLOAD: The Sun Ain’t Shining No More

OK…I would have bet the ranch that when I sent out ‘Around The Bend’ as a SOTD back in October, that would have been the last we would hear from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. I mean, come on… much fun as it was, wasn’t this one of those songs that got tagged to be some background muzak in an iPod commercial and would likely be forgotten five minutes later?!! I even half-joked that they were sure to be ‘the next best thing…”…..

I apologize!

On ‘The Sun Ain’t Shining No More’, the first leak off of their debut album, Mette Lindberg’s slinky, retro-60’s R&B vocal, the lo-fi instrumental arrangements, the decidedly scratchy recording technique and just the perfect amount of oversampling have made me a convert and as I sit here swaying back in forth at my desk, the cool vibe of the song and her cocksure delivery has me picturing an Uma Thurman-esque, Tarantino Superwoman, full-on ready to kick your ass if you don’t see things her way! I truly love all of the 60’s-inspired music comin’ outta Europe lately…and this girl’s got a lotta soul! Their album, Fruit, is set to drop in May, but until then you can head on over to their MySpace page and stream a few more songs.